We Are Brood.

Why Brood?

“Brood is the word that my mum used to collectively describe me and my siblings when we were growing up. It gave us an immense sense of pride and belonging as we knew were in it together and would do the best for each other whatever happened.”
Kelly Underwood-Fone, Co-Founder and Director

Who we are?

Brood is a creative agency that specialises in health and wellness and was founded by husband and wife team Kelly Underwood-Fone and Alex Fone.

Brood is a feeling and it is the guiding force of our agency.

We pride ourselves on the fiercely nurturing relationships we build inside and outside our agency. Whether you work with us or for us, you are one of our brood. It is by working together that we get the best from each other. We live and breathe every brand we work with and immerse ourselves from head to toe. We have worn diabetes glucose monitors to put ourselves in the patients’ shoes, written copy with kids to make sure it has an authentic voice, we worked with experts on RA gloves to really understand what is life is like day to day with arthritis. We are ready to jump right in and look at things differently because nothing will change if you always do the same.

Every brand has a story and it is our job to tell it in the most compelling and immersive way.
We create campaigns that turn health and wellness products into brands that people can truly believe in – we know that with creativity anything is possible. We won’t work our magic for brands that we don’t believe in, or that don’t do something to benefit our greater community.

This is advertising for good.

Are you ready to try something different? Or maybe you are interested joining our Brood? The kettle’s always on or the wine is ready….

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