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Campaign results

The campaign generated an incredible 78.75% increase in traffic to the website month on month.


For up to 20% of the population, the thought of an injection is enough to make them avoid important medical treatments like vaccinations. In the current healthcare environment this can have extremely negative consequences.


of the population have needle phobia


Pain is one of the main reasons that people avoid their jabs. Emla cream helps to numb the pain of injections.


We were briefed to plan and create a brand awareness campaign to consumers which communicated the insight.

our campaign

The campaign was time critical and so we segmented and targeted a female audience using radio. The radio ad was backed up by social advertising and content with campaign landing pages on the Emla Cream website to allow us to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and make adjustments to ensure the best possible engagement. We reassured people that although they may be worried about an upcoming injection, there was something they could do to numb the pain and make the injection bearable.
Social media ads
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