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Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a rare disease which causes children to grow more slowly and, if untreated, fail to reach normal adult height. GHD is treated with synthetic growth hormone.

More than two thirds of children who have
to take growth hormone every day until adulthood struggle with adherence.


Having to inject growth hormone every day from diagnosis to adulthood is a major burden for both children and their parents, especially for those that develop a fear of needles. Zomajet features a unique trans-dermal delivery system that ‘jet-propels’ growth hormone into the skin. This needle-free option appeals to many children and parents.


We were tasked with creating a campaign that highlighted the benefits of needle-free treatment with Zomajet.

Our campaign

We understood that by actively involving children in their treatment, we can help improve adherence and persistence. We created the ZomaJet Pen Adventures, a fun and compelling series that children can feel part of as they ‘Jet, Set, Grow!’. Featuring Jack and Jessie, this charming animated campaign engaged children on a level previously unseen in the sector.

Campaign results

As a result of the campaign, Zomajet became a go-to choice for many hospitals treating GHD, meaning that children always had the option of needle-free treatment.

Winner of the Craft Award for Patient Support (Gold) at the PM Society Advertising Awards