We Are Brood.


Our brood.

Are you a creative genius, a story teller, an organiser who loves to build relationships but also likes a bit of banter and the odd lip sync battle? Sounds like you’d fit right in.

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Where you matter

As a health and wellness agency, we only work on brands that we believe in. We call this BRANDS THAT MATTER. We also care about you, your health, your beliefs and your story.

Here’s a small snapshot of the many great benefits to being part of our brood.

We got flex appeal

Flexibility and family has always been at the core of brood. Times have changed over the last few years and there’s no such thing as a normal 9-5 (Cue Dolly
Parton on the karaoke). We recognise it’s important that everyone has a healthy work life balance that fits around your needs.

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All brood in the hood

Brood is a feeling and is the guiding force of our agency. We live and breathe every brand we work with and immerse ourselves from head to toe. We only work on brands that we believe in and we are passionate about making the world a happier, healthier place.

You can sit with us

Brood HQ is in the heart of vibrant Windsor. We like having a creative space we can be together and share ideas. But no matter where we all are, we are still big on collaboration.

Pop in for a tea (or gin) and have a chat with us.

How it started

Brood is a creative agency specialising in Health and Wellness, and was founded by husband and wife team Kelly Underwood-Fone and Alex Fone.

Account director

We are looking for a passionate Account Director who can embody what we stand for and who is not afraid to have an opinion.


We are looking for a Copywriter with a portfolio of healthcare/wellbeing work, who knows what it is like to work in an agency.

Medical copywriter

We are looking for a Copywriter with a portfolio of healthcare/pharma work, who knows what it is like to work in an agency.


Are you passionate about health? Do you want to work on brands that matter? We are always looking for freelancers.

Can’t see a listing you are interested in? We’d still like to hear from you. Drop us a line