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Riverside Midwives

Nurturing women through birth


Studies show that women who are attended by the same midwife tend to have minimal birth intervention and have better birth experiences.

Any woman could use an independent midwife, but it tends to be people that have previously had a bad experience with the NHS, have moved to the UK and are horrified by the lack of NHS visits during the pre-natal period, or those who maybe experiencing complications/difficulty conceiving.

The unifying reason to use an independent midwife is that all are looking for the same midwife to see them through their pregnancy journey from beginning to end.

The brief

Emily and Jo are independent midwives who were disillusioned by the current service offered by the NHS and needed to promote their services and raise awareness of their new venture. They called themselves Riverside Midwives as a nod to their geographic location without tying them just to Windsor. They asked us to create a brand identify for Riverside Midwives, as well as a website.

Pregnancy can make a woman and her partner feel vulnerable, especially if they are first time mums and there is an underlying need to “Know you are in safe hands” so you can be confident of what lies ahead.

We created a logo that incorporates the pregnant mother into the font. The colour palette is soft and muted in tune with the tone of voice which is reassuring, calming and experienced.




The website brings alive Emily and Jo’s philosophy to provide families with a high standard of individualised, safe supportive care throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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