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Let T1D kids be kids

Having a child with T1 diabetes can be tough. It’s tough on the child and it is tough on the parents. How can you let them out of your sight? How will others know if they are going low? Will their teachers recognise it? Can they go on a sleepover?


The brief

Dexcom believe that every child with diabetes deserves the same experiences as their peers. They asked us to produce a campaign to raise awareness and show the true value of their G6 continuous glucose monitor.

How we made it matter

We identified through market research that a key audience was parents of children with T1D. It was important for us to show a child who really uses Dexcom, so we could see first-hand how much the device changes lives. We met Ava, a Dexcom Warrior, and her mum Rebecca.

Ava was finger pricking up to 30 times a day, which had a huge detrimental effect on her mental health. She was unable to go to sleepovers or clubs.

Dexcom gives Ava, and Rebecca, the freedom to see glucose levels at a glance and remotely, allowing Ava to be like every other kid in class.

This led to our insight :

Let T1D kids be kids.

The most important thing to me is that Ava doesn’t feel different and that she doesn’t have to miss out on things because of her type 1 diabetes.

Rebecca, Ava’s mum

The outcome

To us the real reward is seeing a 6-year-old girl full of smiles, not being held back by diabetes and saving the pain of thousands of finger pricks. If all the 30,000 kids with TID in the UK used Dexcom we could save them from over 70 million finger pricks a year.

That’s why we do what we do and why we work on

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