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For women with type 1 diabetes, starting a family can be a terrifying prospect.

7 out of 8 do not have their glucose levels in a crucial safe range prior to conception and a devastating 1 in 10 will lose their babies before 24 weeks gestation.


of T1D mums lose their babies


Many women with T1D are scared to even think about starting a family and if they do become pregnant they are petrified that they are doing something wrong.

With the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System, she can check her glucose levels at a glance and receive alerts if she needs to take action. It has been shown to improve time in range and medical outcomes for mother and child.


We were tasked with positioning Dexcom as the CGM of choice for expectant women and their HCPs.

Our campaign

We chose Olivia, a real life Dexcom success story, to bring our campaign to life in a series of bump progression shots – with her beautiful, healthy son featuring in the final frame. We wanted to demonstrate that with a little help from Dexcom, women with type 1 diabetes can approach their pregnancy with the same confidence as any other mum.

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