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Can brands really make a difference?

That’s why at Brood we only work with brands that matter.

Having worked across many sectors within advertising, I found myself working more and more on healthcare brands. When you work on brands where you can see a real difference being made to someone’s life and health, it can sometimes get emotional, and it’s hard not to feel passionate about it.

That’s why at Brood, we only work with brands that matter. We are creative and passionate about working with brands that make a real difference and change people’s lives. We call this advertising for good.

But can a brand really make such a change for an individual? The answer is yes. Not only can the product benefits enhance a person’s life, but brands can do much more than that.

Take Dexcom, a monitoring device that lets people with diabetes see their glucose levels with a quick glance at their phone. Clever, ey! This transforms the life of the person who was too scared to run on their own in case they go too low and collapse, or the kid who can’t go on sleepovers because their parents worry about them during the night.

Not only is this life-saving device making positive changes in diabetes management, but it’s also fostering a community of people and bringing them together.

Alopecia UK Charter for Best Practices for NHS Wig Provision. View case study

Another example of this would be working on Alopecia UK, who are doing great work with their Wig charter to ensure a fair and consistent approach to funding across the UK. Promoting patient choice is important to improving the lives of people with Alopecia and making sure that their voices are heard.

Hearing the emotional stories of how their lives have changed for the better is why I love what I do.

So yes, brands do matter and can make a real difference.

Jen McGregor, Account Director

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