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Wig Charter for Alopecia UK

Not everybody with alopecia chooses to wear a wig, but for those that do, a wig can help them
manage the profound and complex medical, social and psychological consequences of living
with alopecia, giving them the confidence to engage in society.

Brood Chiao case study


How do you communicate the dangers of drug use to an audience who has heard it all before?

Let T1D kids be kids

Having a child with T1 diabetes can be tough. It’s tough on the child and it is tough on the parents. How can you let them out of your sight?

Emla Cream

Radio ad Campaign results The campaign generated an incredible 78.75% increase in traffic to the website month on month. Background For up to 20% of the population, the thought of an injection is enough to make them avoid important medical treatments like vaccinations. In the current healthcare environment this can have extremely negative consequences. 20% …

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